NH Advantage Coalition - Alderman/Senator Besti DeVries Gets Award For Sticking It To Taxpayers!?!

Manchester, NH - This falls into the category of you can't make this stuff up folks. In a move that proves our New Hampshire Advantage is under attack, Alderman/Senator Betsi DeVries over the weekend received the Kathy Sullivan Award from the Democrat Party for of all things voting against allowing the taxpayers of Manchester a vote on a cap of spending/taxes.

"No matter what your thoughts are regarding a spending cap, giving Alderman DeVries an award for keeping it off this year's ballot is an insult to the taxpayers of Manchester. Saying the voters were not smart enough to make up their own minds on this issue, Alderman DeVries and her "Gang of Eight" voted thirteen times in one evening to keep this reasonable measure from the voters. This is certainly not an action that deserves an award, it is one that deserves condemnation." said Michael Biundo, Chairman


For more information please contact: Tammy Simmons, Executive Director, the New Hampshire Advantage Coalition write: tsimmons@thenhadvantage.com