Obama/Biden Campaign - Former Bush Finance Chair and Reagan Appointee Hilary Cleveland Announces Support for Obama

Obama's Leadership, Stance on Iraq and Tax Policy Make Him Cleveland's Choice for President


MANCHESTER- Former New Hampshire Finance Chair for George Herbert Walker Bush and Reagan Appointee, Hilary Cleveland, announced today that she is supporting Barack Obama for President.


"Senator Obama has shown true leadership, especially when it comes to his very early opposition to the war in Iraq. He took the more difficult, unpopular approach, which took courage. I not only agree with him, but I admire that," said Cleveland. "Senator McCain, on the other hand, has spent the last few weeks doing what is least courageous by trying to distract voters with false statements about Senator Obama. Too much is at stake in this election for us to lose sight of the issues that matter and this kind of campaigning by Senator McCain has reinforced my support for Senator Obama. I also feel very strongly that Senator Obama has the right position in his stance against the Bush tax cuts that have only benefited the rich and increased the deficit. Obama's temperament has been steady, smooth and strong, even in the most stressful times and that's exactly what we need in our next President."


Cleveland was appointed by President Ronald Reagan to the National Advisory Council on Continuing Education. She also served as the New Hampshire finance chair for President George H. W. Bush and as a Commissioner of the International Joint Commission on the US and Canada. Hilary Cleveland is the wife of former New Hampshire Republican Congressman James Colgate Cleveland and is a professor of History at Colby-Sawyer College in New London.