Obama/Biden Campaign - The Concord Monitor and Nashua Telegraph Endorse Obama

Major Daily New Hampshire newspaper endorsements prove once again that Granite Staters are strongly backing Obama's Campaign for Change


MANCHESTER - The Concord Monitor and The Nashua Telegraph announced their endorsement of Barack Obama for President over the weekend, proving once again that Granite Staters are strongly backing his Campaign for Change.


The Concord Monitor says, "the choice could not be clearer."


"Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois should be this nation's next president. Obama has the temperament, judgment, ideas and vision to be president.


"Obama's considerable skills are augmented by his intelligence and his ability to inspire.


"Obama has worked to set higher ethical standards for public servants throughout his career. The people he appoints to office people will be well-qualified and willing to put their nation's interests ahead of their own.


"Obama's ideas and ability to simultaneously see things from many vantage points makes him by far the candidate better able to solve the nation's many problems. His ability to get rivals to work together and the clean slate he will bring to meetings with the world's leaders will make it easier for him to enlist their aid.


"His tax policies would shrink, not widen, the dangerous income gap between the richest Americans and the rest."


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The Nashua Telegraph says, "among the Democratic candidates, we believed Obama was the best suited to reach across the aisle to solve the nation's problems and described him as ‘a genuine and authentic voice for hope and healing during difficult and divisive times.'"


"From the moment we opened the session by asking him to detail his strategy for removing U.S. troops from Iraq, Obama answered our questions with a thoughtfulness that transcended the talking-point responses we heard from other candidates.


"His call for energy independence in 10 years harkens back to JFK's challenge to Americans to put a man on the moon by the end of the 1960s - an effort that not only succeeded as a matter of space exploration, but also yielded countless other benefits in terms of technology, employment and perhaps most important of all: national confidence.


". . .given everything that is at stake, we have confidence that he would rise to the challenge, much as he has done at other key stages of his life, and use his considerable leadership skills to build consensus toward the public good."


On McCain, they say, "the McCain of 2008 is not the same candidate, at least not since he inexplicably turned his campaign over to a team of Bush operatives who are more interested in smearing Obama - much as they did to McCain eight years ago prior to the South Carolina primary - than in promoting their own candidate."


"It is time for new leadership, a new approach to governing, a new way of conducting the people's business. And, yes, it is time for change."


The entire Nashua Telegraph endorsement can be found at:




The Cabinet Press also endorsed Barack Obama for President on October 16, citing that, "the Illinois senator has laid out a reasonable, responsible set of proposals to deal with the problems facing this nation. He offers the most coherent, long-term set of ideas for moving the country forward on energy policy, health care and national security."


The Cabinet Press is the weekly newspaper group that publishes the Cabinet, the Merrimack Journal, and the Hollis-Brookline Journal. The Cabinet Press newspapers reach the towns of Milford, Wilton, Amherst, Lyndeborough, Greenville, Mont Vernon, Jaffrey, Mason, Hollis, Brookline, Merrimak, and Bedford, New Hampshire.