NH GOP - Buckley Speaks For Shaheen, Shea-Porter, Hodes, and Lynch

CONCORD - Fergus Cullen, Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party, made the following statement today:

"Debbie Lee, a Gold Star Mother whose Navy Seal son was killed in Iraq, says that New Hampshire Democratic Chairman Raymond Buckley told her, ‘We've all lost things,' dismissing her son's life as though it were a set of misplaced car keys or a pair of sunglasses. Rather than realize he made a mistake an offer an apology, Chairman Buckley has defended and reiterated his remark, condescendingly adding that Ms. Lee is allowing herself to be ‘used' by others.

"Raymond Buckley is a spokesman for Jeanne Shaheen, Carol Shea-Porter, Paul Hodes, and John Lynch, and serves as party chairman with their support. I don't know what is more offensive: that Chairman Buckley cannot see that he made a mistake and offer an appropriate apology, or that Shaheen, Shea-Porter, Hodes, and Lynch stand by in silence, signaling their agreement with the outrageous comment he made."