Obama/Biden Campaign - Prominent Granite State Republicans Supporting Obama

McCain's Negative Campaign Tactics, Tax Policy, Economic Stances and War in Iraq Among the Many Reasons for the Move to Obama


MANCHESTER- Citing McCain's negative attacks as well as his stances with Bush on the economy and the war, prominent New Hampshire Republicans have come out in support of Barack Obama's Campaign for Change.


"I think that Obama offers a better chance for change in the coming years. The current administration has done a disservice to the country - not just on economic issues but also on environmental issues," said former Republican State Senator Richard Russman. "I believe Senator Obama and Joe Biden will be much more interested in clear air, clear water and global warming issues, far better than Senator McCain and particularly Governor Palin."


"I'll be supporting Obama in November even though I have been a long-time Republican. I've been really turned off by McCain's negative attacks this year," said former Republican State Representative Sandy Kearns. "I rode the Straight Talk Express in New Hampshire with John McCain eight years ago, but when he launched his campaign this time around, I realized he had lost some of his maverick tendencies. The people of New Hampshire are the real mavericks. They know the government should be there for the people who need it, but we like to keep it out of our doctor's offices and bedrooms."


"As a long time Republican elected official in the state of New Hampshire, I think Obama has the best solution for the current economic crisis and he has the ability to really improve our healthcare system. These are critical issues in our state and for me personally," said former Republican State Representative William Tsiros. "McCain is offering the same policies of the current President who I completely disagree with when it comes to the war in Iraq and his economic policies. As a small business owner I can't afford another four years of Bush. I have been telling my fellow Republicans that it is time to wake up."