YRNF - Young Republican Attacked In Pittsburgh PA

WASHINGTON, DC- Earlier today, The Drudge Report broke the news of an attack on a volunteer with the McCain-Palin campaign in Pittsburgh. Theincident occurred when Ashley Todd, 20,was at an ATM Wednesday night. The attacker robbed Todd, and,upon learning she was a McCain supporter, beat her and then carved a capital 'B' in her cheek, reports said.

Todd is a member of the Brazos County Young Republicans in Bryan-College Station, Texas.

"This story is chilling," said YRNF Chairman, Jessica Colón. "As the investigation of Ashley's awful attack continues, we are grateful to know she is well on her way to recovering from this shocking experience.Support and prayersfor her have been pouring in from all over the country as she goes through this difficult moment."

"Ashley has been an activemember of one of our state'smost innovativeYoung Republican clubs," said Dorian Jauregui,Chairman, Texas Federation of Young Republicans. "She should know her fellow Texans are thinking ofher andare looking forward to her safe return home."