NetRight Daily: The Ayers Manifesto

Prairie Fire - The Ayers Manifesto: This great story comes from Ace of Spades HQ. Bill Ayers along with Sirhan Sirhan were heavily involved in a communist movement together.

Donations from D.O.J. Favor Obama: Perhaps this is why the D.O.J. is hesitating in an ACORN investigation.

Bloomberg Will Seek Third Term: Bloomberg is granted a 3rd run, completely violating what the citizens of New York City wanted. This shows just how Big Government usurps the power of the citizens. Despicable.

Why Aren't The Feds Going After ACORN?: In the Saturday afternoon thrillers that occupied us as kids, after the settlers were beset by the rustlers and thieves, the sound of pounding hoofs and a plume of dust heralded that help, in the form of the United States cavalry, was on its way.

Goodbye Noonan!: Well, the Hard Left has once again trotted out that antiquated icon of pedestrian prose, Peggy Noonan, to stab yet another courageous conservative squarely in the back. This time Ms. Noonan shoved her shiv squarely between well-turned shoulders of Sarah Palin, apparently for being everything Peggy is not.

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