BEARSE FOR CONGRESS (NH CD-1) - Continues Campaign as a Write-in Candidate

Peter Bearse, Independent Candidate for Congress in New Hampshire's 1st Congressional District, has decided to mount a write-in campaign. This decision follows the failure of his protest and appeal to the NH Ballot Law Commission (BLC). He protested the Secretary of State's decision to deny him ballot position. He presented evidence of many errors, miscounts and mishandling of the nearly 1700 nominating petitions that his campaign had collected. The numbers of these, if deemed to be certified or not disqualified in ways that "conform to the law" under RSA 655:7, would have been sufficient to provide at least the minimum required for him to be on the ballot. Nevertheless, his appeal of the Secretary's ruling was denied by the BLC.

Bearse is continuing his campaign as a write-in candidate for four major reasons:

(1) At a time of crisis when a cry for "change" is in the air, the overriding issue is the need to reform the way Congress does the people's business. Bearse is the only candidate in the 1st District race who has been speaking to this issue, which affects all others. See and
(2) At a time when the national and world economies are going into the tank, Bearse is the only one in the race prepared to lead the way on economic issues and help people through hard times. He is a Dr. of Economics who has done job-creating economic development projects in many states and 15 countries.
(3) Many voters in the 1st District said they would like another, better choice rather than have to vote again for "the lesser of two evils."
(4) His campaign is a labor of love dedicated to his late wife, Brande McLean. He would complete it in her memory.

It is also important to note that "independents" (otherwise labelled as "unenrolled" voters) are the largest and fastest growing voting bloc in the District.

Bearse stated: "As I have met and listened to voters in over 64 of the 80 towns or cities in the District, I have found them to be surprisingly open to an independent candidacy. Most are unenthusiastic towards the choices provided by the major parties. The major party nominees are seen as party animals playing party games, beholden to big money and not working for what's best for people or country.

So, if voters in the 1st District really want to make a difference - if they really want to demand real change -- all they have to do is write in "Peter Bearse" on their ballots. Otherwise, their votes will be wasted. The names allowed on the ballot by the Secretary of State represent change only in name-plates. The major party nominees are similarly same-old/same-old, go-along/get along party hacks."

Thus, the Bearse campaign is urging voters to remember the 4th of July on the 4th of November and "DECLARE YOUR INDEPENDENCE!"