DNC Files FEC Complaint Over McCain Campaign's Missing, Excessive and Anonymous

Complaint Cites McCain Campaign's History of Serious Violations of Campaign Finance Laws

Washington, DC - The Democratic National Committee today announced that it will file a complaint with the Federal Election Commission on Monday morning to request a thorough investigation of the McCain campaign's most recent attempt to skirt campaign finance laws. According to the complaint, an analysis of the information provided by the McCain Campaign on its website shows that the campaign received 6,653 contributions that were at least $1,000 in excess of legal limit of $2,300--including one donor who contributed $56,047. The McCain Campaign website also lists 23 anonymous contributions in excess of fifty dollars, despite the legal requirement to maintain the name and address of each contributor any amount in excess of $50, and dozens of additional donors who provided incomplete information.

The complaint also cites the McCain campaign's pattern of ignoring federal election laws including violating the Presidential Matching Payment Account Act, the campaign's refund of approximately $50,000 in donations solicited by a foreign national, its continuing pattern of soliciting foreign nationals including the Russian Ambassador to the U.N and the FEC's September 30 request for additional information on numerous excessive contributions.

"The McCain campaign's lack of disclosure and disregard for the law he helped write raises serious questions about John McCain's commitment to the openness and transparency the voters expect from their leaders," said DNC General Counsel Joe Sandler. "In view of the McCain campaign's clear history of violating campaign finance laws, it is imperative that the Commission promptly conduct a thorough investigation of these violations; and a full audit of all of the McCain Campaign's contributions."

The full complaint and exhibits can be download below:
- http://www.democrats.org/page/-/pdf/DNC%20complaint%20filed%20w-FEC%20vs%20McCain%20Campaign%2010-24-08.pdf
- http://www.democrats.org/page/-/pdf/excessive%20new.xls