Obama Campaign Releases "50 New Hampshire Student Leaders" Working Across NH for Democratic Ticket

Granite State students utilize online social networking, blogs, email and messaging to organize classmates to get out the vote on Election Day

Manchester, New Hampshire - The Obama campaign in New Hampshire today released a list of 50 New Hampshire student leaders who are not only supporting Senator Obama's campaign for change, but are working on campuses for the entire Democratic ticket in the Granite State. They have been organizing their classmates to get out the vote through traditional approaches but also using online social networking, blogs, e-mail, messaging, My.BarackObama.com and NH.BarackObama.com to get others involved.

"Barack Obama has energized young voters across this country to get engaged in this election and New Hampshire students are no different. We know that every single vote in New Hampshire counts and with tens of thousands of students in this state, we are extremely excited to have widespread support among them," said Sandra Abrevaya, New Hampshire Communications Director. "These student leaders have been working tirelessly on our behalf and working for Democratic candidates down the ticket. Granite State students are focused on a wide range of issues including college affordability, energy independence, job creation, and the war in Iraq. They know that Senator Obama is the only candidate for president that will actually deliver the change we need."

These student leaders have been and will continue to play an active role in energizing students to register and have dedicated their time to engaging students in the electoral process. New Hampshire students can visit nh.barackobama.com to get information on how to get involved.

Also today, the Obama campaign released a web video featuring Kal Penn, Olivia Wilde, and Justin Long urging students to register to vote. The web video, which was filmed over the weekend of October 11-12, documents the actors' college tour in New Hampshire where they visited the University of New Hampshire, Dartmouth College, and Plymouth State University. Penn, Wilde, and Long discussed voter registration and issues important to students and young voters in the Granite State. View the video at nh.barackobama.com.