Obama/Biden Campaign - Granite State Sportsmen Fired up for Obama's Campaign for Change

MANCHESTER, NH - In the midst of hunting season, Sportsmen and women across New Hampshire have joined together to announce their support for Senator Barack Obama for president. This announcement comes as hunters throughout the Granite State carry on the tradition of hunting from generation to generation during Youth Hunt Weekend for Deer, which is October 25-26 across the state.

"Growing up in New Hampshire, most of us spent our time outdoors hunting, fishing or hiking. These traditions were passed down from mothers and fathers to their children. As a hunter, I take pride in the outdoors and want a president who will honor that tradition while conserving our land and waterways," said Richard Moquin, statewide Chair for Sportsmen and Sportswomen for Obama. "Senator Obama will not only protect our Second Amendment rights, but preserve our wildlife so future generations can continue this tradition. I know he'll be a true friend of the sportsmen."

"I believe that hunting, fishing and spending time in the outdoors is a valuable experience for all generations - young and old," said Clinton King of Berlin. "An Obama administration will protect those rights, allowing national lands to stay open and continuing to allow gun owners to use our firearms, especially for hunting. As president, Obama will stand up for conservation, preserving national forest lands and ensuring that our wildlife is protected."

The New Hampshire Sportsmen and women for Obama is made up of one Statewide Chair and co-Chairs in each county of the state. They know that Senator Obama will stand up for their individual Second Amendment right to pursue their hunting traditions and ensure the future of hunting and fishing by expanding access to private hunting and fishing areas. The steering committee includes former New Hampshire Fish and Game Department officials, hunters, fishers and conservationists, as well members of the National Rifle Association.

New Hampshire Statewide Chair: Richard Moquin, Formr Chairman of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Commission, Bedford, Hillsborough County

Hillsborough County

James Normand of Manchester

Bruce Cobb of Peterborough

Rockingham County

Chester Chellman of Portsmouth

Robert Lannon of Exeter

Belknap County

James and Betty Jones of Tilton, Former Commissioner of Merrimack County in the New Hampshire Fish and Game Commission

Frank Walker of Alton

Merrimack County

Buck and Martha Corson of Hopkinton, Former Director of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Commission

Buck Mercier of Hooksett

Strafford County

Jane Vachon of Strafford

Robert Brownell of Strafford

Coos County

Clinton King of Berlin

Tom Mooney of Berlin

Grafton County

Peter Travis of Hanover

Daniel Nelson of Hanover

Sullivan County

Larry Converse of Claremont

Burt Wiggins of Newport

Carroll County

Samuel Wasmuth of Wolfeboro

Dean Demaster of Intervale

Cheshire County

John and Kathleen Woodbury of Sullivan

Richard Danzer of Alstead

As President, Barack Obama will continue to stand up for sportsmen and sportswomen by:

  • Protecting the rights of hunters and other law-abiding Americans to purchase, own and use guns.
  • Improving access by providing financial incentives to private land owners who voluntarily open their land to hunting and fishing.
  • Advocating funding of the Land and Water Conservation Fund, which provides needed resources to state agencies to conserve important wildlife habitat.
  • Recognizing that global warming is real, is happening now, and poses a real threat to America's fish, wildlife, and the future of hunting and fishing, and providing real leadership to combat climate change.
  • Supporting proposals endorsed by dozens of national hunting and fishing organizations to devote billions of dollars annually to state game and fish agencies and federal land management agencies to help them ensure that fish and wildlife survive the coming impacts of climate change.
  • Ensuring that Farm Bill conservation programs are funded to provide maximum benefit to fish and wildlife.
  • Supporting state efforts to educate youth in order to maintain hunting and fishing traditions.