White Mt Waldorf School - Legislators Show Support for Inspired Learning Curriculum

October 25, 2008 (Albany, NH) -- On Saturday White Mountain Waldorf School held a ribbon-cutting event with an audience of more than 200 people to mark the opening of the school's new 75-acre campus on Route 16, just south of Conway Village.

State representatives turned out in force to show support for the value of quality education. District Judge "Bud" Martin, a candidate for state senate, delivered remarks applauding the school on its unique hands-on learning approach. Other candidates present included Tom Buco, Syndi White, Bob Bridgham, Dan Bacon and John Gallus.

"There is nothing more valuable for our students today than developing critical thinking skills," Martin said, "This school, the White Mountain Waldorf School, has critical thinking at the core of its mission and that is to be highly commended."

The Waldorf School's new campus development was supported by more than 200 donors, including individuals, families, businesses and foundations. "From the largest gift of $250,000 to the smallest gift of $10, each donation represents an invaluable commitment to education," Waldorf School Capital Campaign Chair Virginia Nossiff said.

Gibson Center Executive Director George Cleveland praised the community of supporters for their tireless enthusiasm and teamwork. "It's rare that you find such a passionate and committed group of volunteers," Cleveland said, "The parents of the children enrolled in this school are involved and contributing to our greater community in so many rich and wonderful ways."