DNC: Barack Obama and Democrats in Washington Keeping their Promises, Bringing the Change We Need

Washington, DC - With John McCain and the Republican Party trying to distract from their failure to offer an agenda for getting our economy back on track, they have resorted to false and misleading attacks on the Democratic leadership in Washington. The fact is, Democrats elected in 2006 have begun the job of bringing change to America, and electing Barack Obama is the best way to end the failed and flawed Bush-McCain policies that have put Wall Street, the wealthy and well connected ahead of everyone else.

"As part of their campaign of fear, the Republican National Committee is once again misleading America and ignoring the truth," said Democratic National Committee Communications Director Karen Finney. "Democrats made a promise to the American people to move America in a new direction and begin to undo the damage done under Republican rule. Over the past two years, the Democratic leadership has fought to raise the minimum wage for hard working Americans, cut college student loan rates in half, provide a free college education to veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, fund the largest increase in veterans health care coverage in history, cover 10 million children with health insurance, preserve Medicare coverage for seniors, make vehicles more fuel-efficient, create hundreds of thousands of new jobs through American renewable energy, enact into law the 9/11 Commission recommendations to protect us from terrorism, ban toxic toys from China to protect our children, and restore fiscally responsible pay-as-you-go budget discipline. That's why Americans stand poised to elect Senator Obama and more Democrats; they like the new direction Democrats are offering, and they want to remove the obstacles to progress."