LPNH - Endorses Spending Cap

Libertarian Party of NH formally endorses Spending Caps for 2008 Ballot

Manchester -- At the party's annual convention this Saturday, a resolution was put forth to formally endorse the spending caps which will be on the ballot in Rochester and Somersworth in November. It passed unanimously.

The resolution text reads as follows:

"Whereas, lower taxes are the result of lower spending by government, and whereas government should live within its means just as the citizenry does, the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire endorses the spending cap measures on the ballot in Rochester and Somersworth this November 2008 and encourages the citizens of those cities to vote in their favor to gain some greater control over their cities' spending."

The LPNH also extends its appreciation to the members who volunteered to get the spending cap on the ballot in the many communities across the state.

More info on the spending cap can be found at the NHAC website www.theNHAdvantage.com