NRSC - NH Senate Poll: Sununu showing strong momentum

Key Findings

1. Senator John Sununu has the momentum in his race against Jeanne Shaheen. Last Monday, October 20th, Senator Sununu trailed Jeanne Shaheen by six points (41% Sununu/47% Shaheen/5% Blevens). By Thursday, October 23rd, Sununu had narrowed the gap to just three points (43% Sununu/46% Shaheen/5%Blevens). As Election Day draws closer, it is clear that in a tight race, the momentum is on Sununu's side.

2. Sununu's improved standing on the ballot is buoyed by an increase in support for McCain on the Presidential ballot Last Thursday, October 23rd, Senator McCain trailed Senator Obama by just four points on the Presidential Ballot (44% McCain/48% Obama). Just three days earlier, McCain faced a nine point deficit (41% McCain/50% Obama).

The Bottom Line

With less than two weeks left until Election Day, Senator John Sununu trailed Jeanne Shaheen by just three points. As voters continue to learn more about former Governor Shaheen's liberal record, an already close race will become even closer. Despite being written off by many in the media, Sununu has an excellent chance to pull off an Election Day surprise on November 4th.



Public Opinion Strategies conducted two telephone surveys among 525 likely voters in New Hampshire. These surveys were conducted October 15-16, 19, and October 20-22, 2008, and have a margin of error of +4.28% in 95 out of 100 cases.