Obama/Biden Campaign - Conway Daily Sun Joins Newspapers Across the Granite State Endorsing Obama

MANCHESTER - The Conway Daily Sun endorsed Senator Barack Obama for president today, joining newspapers across the state of New Hampshire supporting his Campaign for Change. Over the last two weeks Obama has received the endorsement of The Concord Monitor, The Nashua Telegraph, Cabinet Press, The Keene Sentinel, Portsmouth Herald and Valley News.

The Conway Daily Sun said:

"As the only newspaper in New Hampshire to endorse Sen. John McCain in both the 2000 and 2008 primaries, we have made the difficult decision not to support him for president.

"All politicians compromise, equivocate and pander. But by choosing Alaska governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, the once straight-talking maverick that New Hampshire grew to respect and admire crossed the line and sold his soul.

"Sen. Barack Obama, however, promises to be a transformational president not unlike, and not seen since, Ronald Reagan, who in 1980 unleashed a renewed spirit of optimism in America and nearly three decades of uninterrupted prosperity.

"This country is ready to change; ready to change the way we fight terrorism and deal with our allies and enemies, ready for a dramatic new energy policy, ready for new ways to fix our health care system and ready for economic policies that inspire us to work and create, rather than to spend money we don't have.

"America has an amazing and unique ability to reinvent itself and choose the leader who can do this. That was Reagan in 1980. It is now Obama."

The full text of the endorsements can be found at My.barackobama.com/nhnews