SEIU - Solar Industry Leader Testifies to House Committee

Encourages Aggressive Deployment of Solar at Federal Facilities

WASHINGTON - SunPower Corporation Managing Director Thomas Leyden today testified before the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee onsolar's potentialto create new jobs and the need for strong policies at the federal level that continue growth of the industry, including deployment of solar at federal facilities. SunPower is a member of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).

"Solar is an economic engine that will put Americans hard hit by the economic downturn back to work. The jobs that solar will create are the backbone of the American economy - plumbers, electricians, roofers, steelworkers, engineers, and architects," said Leyden. "These are green collar jobs that help Main Street and will revitalizeAmerica's manufacturing and high-tech sectors."

"In 2009, Congress will have many opportunities to strengthen the already growing solar industry in the U.S. One policy that Congress can implement immediately is a massive, rapid deployment of solar on federal facilities," he added.

Leyden called for the negotiation of 25-year power purchase agreements (PPA's) for federal facilities.GSA currently limits federal PPA's to 10 years.Expanding the policy to 25-year PPA's will allow the federal government to purchase pollution-free solar energy at lower prices than traditional energy suppliersand save taxpayers money.

Leyden also encouraged cooperation between federal, state, and local governments to create solar jobs and installation programs, as well as loan guarantee programs for municipal facilities such as schools and libraries.