Senator Sununu For US Senate - Foster's: Sununu Has Served With "Honor and Distinction"

John Sununu Will Represent Only The People

Foster's Daily Democrat


October 28, 2008


John E. Sununu has served the people of New Hampshire with honor and distinction for 12 years - six years in the U.S. House of Representatives and six years in the U.S. Senate. He has worked on behalf of the people of New Hampshire and the people of the United States. John Sununu has one special interest and that it is to do what is best for the people he represents and to vote in what he believes is in their interests.

It is why we unhesitatingly endorse his candidacy for re-election to the Senate.

We respect John Sununu because he has integrity. He is not a captive of his party like so many in Congress or who aspire to sit there. There are people in Congress who might be thought of as bobblehead dolls; people who jump and bow at the beckon call of party leaders - Republicans and Democrats.

There have been times when we disagreed with Sununu on important issues. One such difference was in drilling for oil in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Reserve. Sununu believed tapping that source of petroleum was an important national interest. At the time we agreed with those who felt drilling would endanger an important natural environment. We are still interested in the environment, in Alaska and elsewhere, but, so too, are we aware that precautions are available to minimize the chance of polluting the land and despoiling the environment.

Sununu had greater foresight than many of us. He saw the danger was overstated and that the need for tapping domestic sources of oil was real. Today, we agree with Sununu on ANWR, just as we agree with the need to drill for oil on the outer continental shelf.

People will suffer in poorly heated homes this winter because of earlier high prices - prices that are sure to rise again when there is another shift in supply and demand. Sununu was and is right on ANWR and he is right on drilling off our shores.

Yes, attention has to be given to the alternative energy sources for the decades ahead. Understand those sources and develop them as soon as we can, but petroleum products have to be retained as one of those alternatives, at least for the immediate future. It is true in countries ahead of us in the development of wind, sun and - dare we say it? - nuclear power. We will need oil and natural gas for some time to come, just as some industries will continue to need another fossil fuel - coal.

A few paragraphs back we spoke of the environment. There are people attacking Sununu as no friend of the environment. They are either people with short memories or people who will say anything to get elected. In this case and with those in the political establishment, we suspect the latter is true.

John Sununu wrote what became the New England Wilderness Act of 2006, legislation that resulted in more wilderness land in the White Mountain National Forest. It was something local and state officials and citizens' group had worked to achieve. It was something Sununu made a reality and in doing so won the acclaim of such other friends of the environmental groups as the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests.

Other more myopic groups have chosen to engage in political games, failing to take Sununu's important work into account.

There are other issues on which we could write, bringing attention to John Sununu's accomplishments and leadership skills, but time is short and so is space.

It is time for the truth!

The past few months has seen a barrage of attack ads - ads peppered with a variety of distortions, half-truths and lies. Television is saturated with them. You see them in any state you might visit and you see them right here in New Hampshire.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent to win the presidency and assure control of Congress. Millions of dollars are being spent to defeat John Sununu. It's not because he has been anything other than a good senator or one who has failed to represent his state and national constituencies well. It's because John Sununu doesn't represent the corrupt power structure and political ideologies alien to the creation and development of the republic.

John Sununu believes only the people control government in this country. He also knows, as do we, there are people in Congress whose ambition is to control rather than serve and that they are making massive efforts to elect people to the House and Senate who will walk in lock-step with the power brokers in and out of Congress.

The power brokers may be served well by a failed governor in the U.S. Senate. The people of New Hampshire and the United States will not be served at all.

We endorse John Sununu with not a hint of reluctance because not only is he the best person for the job, but because he has repeatedly proven himself to be so.