McCain/Palin Campaign - Longtime Democratic Legislator Backs John McCain

MANCHESTER, NH -- The McCain-Palin presidential campaign today announced that New Hampshire State Representative Brenda Ferland, a lifelong Democrat who became an independent, has endorsed John McCain for president. Representative Ferland, of Charlestown, previously supported Hillary Clinton's candidacy.

"John McCain is the only candidate who is ready to deliver the reform Washington needs. He has a long record of working across party lines to put government back on the side of the people," Representative Ferland said. "Because Barack Obama cannot point to a single significant bipartisan achievement, it's not clear he's able to work effectively across the aisle. At a time when America needs strong leadership and sound judgment, I'm backing John McCain."

Representative Ferland is a member of the Transportation Committee. A House member since 2000, Ferland also served from 1996 to 1998.

Last month, Representative Hector Velez (D-Manchester) and Representative Doreen Howard (D-Newmarket), who both previously backed Hillary Clinton, announced their support for John McCain.

John McCain enjoys strong backing among prominent New Hampshire Democrats and independents. Well-known Democrats Jim McConaha and Valery Mitchell, of Concord, serve as Co-Chairs of New Hampshire Democrats for John McCain. David Lee, a Derry resident long active in state Democratic politics, and Marcia Moran, of Concord, are the Co-Chairs of New Hampshire Independents for John McCain. Former Concord Mayor Bill Veroneau, who was a longtime Democrat, is also supporting McCain.