NHAC - Governor Lynch Ducked, Weaved and Whiffed on Spending, Taxes and the New Hampshire Advantage

Confusion and Avoidance abound at BIA Debate

Manchester, NH – For several months members of the New Hampshire Advantage Coalition have been trying to educate New Hampshire residents on how Governor Lynch feels about putting reasonable restraints on New Hampshire State spending to help protect the New Hampshire Advantage. The problem is, he keeps avoiding the subject.

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Yesterday he continued this alarming trend; Governor Lynch ducked, weaved, and whiffed on spending, taxes, and protecting the New Hampshire Advantage.

“In yesterday’s debate Governor Lynch ducked, weaved, and whiffed on spending, taxes, and protecting the New Hampshire Advantage. He defined our real advantage as “our people” and he avoided numerous opportunities to talk about keeping taxes and spending low. Perhaps the Governor was confused; he must know that the New Hampshire Advantage as defined, has and will always be about the low tax burden that we place on those very same people he talks about. Unfortunately, for New Hampshire taxpayers, the Governor’s apparent confusion has led us to five hundred million in new spending, new taxes, new fees and a three hundred million dollar deficit. If this trend continues, our elected leaders will say they have no choice but to resume the steady chipping away at our low tax status until it is all but gone. At that point, they might as well finish the job by taking out a map and erasing our border lines because they will have succeeded in making New Hampshire just like Maine, Massachusetts or Vermont” said NHAC Chairman Mike Biundo

“One Hundred and ten elected officials/candidates have signed our Defending the New Hampshire Advantage Pledge. Over 10,000 voters have signed our local spending cap petitions. It is our hope that the Governor recognizes the true meaning of the New Hampshire Advantage and signs our pledge to protect it.” said Tammy Simmons NHAC Executive Director

NHAC is asking taxpayers to call Governor Lynch at (603)271-2121 and ask him to finally take the Defending the New Hampshire Advantage Pledge that would control state spending to no greater than inflation plus population growth.

For more information please contact: Tammy Simmons, Executive Director tsimmons@thenhadvantage.com