CEI Blogger Update: Cato Institute & Club for Growth Participate In BeyondBailouts.org's Mission

LibertyWeek Episode Episode 14: Conviction Spooktacular

>>The CEI Weekly Podcast

Your hosts Richard Morrison and Cord Blomquist discuss the looming presidential election, Halloween, the conviction of Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens, the continuing economic unease, tough times for the U.S. Postal Service, American companies reacting to Internet censorship abroad, Cox's new wireless service, Microsoft's new web-based OS Azure, and all the finest Olympic News. Special thanks to Technical Producer Ryan Young for his newest additions to the audio effects file.



NTU and CEI's fight against more government bailouts continues

>>BeyondBailouts.org continues to grow

The Cato Institute, The Commonwealth Foundation, and The Club for Growth have joined the network of organizations united under or submitting articles to BeyondBailouts.org where our goal is to educate about government's role in our current financial difficulties, suggest reforms that address those root causes, and provide a clearinghouse for the latest analysis of the financial crisis. But most of all, it's an outlet for Americans to contact their Members of Congress and the Administration to express their frustration.



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The More the Government Does, the More Harm it Does

by Doug Bandow

"At least, that appears to be the lesson of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's misnamed New Deal. New research by two UCLA economists suggests that it was FDR's counterproductive manipulation of the economy that lengthened the economic crisis."



Stock Market Selloff?

by Ryan Young

"Today's 600-point gain happened when 'investors scooped up a variety of shares.' But those buyers cannot buy unless somebody sells to them. Again, the article only tells half the story. And here is one case where two halves do not a whole make."



Let's hear it for Death, Poverty and Ignorance

by Wayne Crews

"As CEI's Fred Smith has noted, the greens think there are too many people, too much production and consumption, and too much technology. Thus the environmentalist prescription too easily boils down to 'death, poverty and ignorance.'"



It's a Dynamic Economy, Stupid!

by Cord Blomquist

"Think the world's economy can be managed by political leaders and experts? The rate at which the world is changing and at which our knowledge is increasing demands a decentralized system-better known as free markets."



Mukasey sits

by Julie Walsh

"Trust in the integrity of a government's voting process is critical. If you don't believe me, think Venezuela and Zimbabwe. In the US, public outcry is already beginning over widespread voting fraud issues, yet the government is doing little. Quin Hillyer, in his piece "No Righting Voting Wrongs in Ohio", details what can and should be done to start to restore public trust in the system."

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