Concord Monitor Endorses Bob Backus For State Senate

Manchester - Today, Bob Backus received the endorsement of the Concord Monitor. The Monitor cited Bob as leading "some of the state's biggest battles for affordable, environmentally friendly energy policies." They commend him as being someone on the "right side of those issues" and who "deserves a chance to show what he can do in the Senate"

"I am proud to receive the endorsement of the Concord Monitor. I have spent my life fighting for citizen's rights and protecting our environment for the next generation. I want to take my lifetime of experience and fight for the working families of New Hampshire" said Bob Backus.

The text of the Concord Monitor's endorement of Bob Backus:


Four excellent choices for the State Senate

Concord Monitor

Oct 29th 2008

The task of the next Legislature will be to keep the state afloat financially during what could be the beginning of a deepening recession without allowing its neediest residents to drown. Estimates of the government budget shortfall top $200 million and could easily exceed that. Given Gov. John Lynch's opposition to any broad-based tax, the likelihood of state revenue increasing substantially, absent a rebound of the economy, is virtually nil.

Lawmakers will have to seek ways to provide services for less and decide what to throw overboard. It will have to be done creatively and with heart. In four local state Senate races, voters will help determine some of the key players in that debate. Luckily, there are good choices in all four.

District 16

In District 16, the contest is between two veteran Manchester rivals, incumbent Republican Sen. Ted Gatsas and Democrat Bob Backus, a lawyer who's led some of the state's biggest battles for affordable, environmentally friendly energy policies. Our vote goes to Backus, as it did in 2006 when Gatsas won a narrow victory.

Voters in District 16, which includes Bow and Dunbarton, have a clear choice. The candidates' positions differ dramatically. Backus supports the state's decision to join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative that requires emitters of carbon dioxide to purchase allowances to pollute at a regional auction. The levy should lead polluters to reduce carbon dioxide emission, while raising money states could use to fund conservation and alternative energy programs. Gatsas favors repealing the state's decision to join the pact on the grounds that it will harm economic activity.

Similarly, Gatsas opposed giving the state's Land and Community Heritage Investment Program a guaranteed source of funding via a surcharge on the registering of deeds. He backed a constitutional amendment that would have allowed the state to shirk some of its responsibility to fund public education, and he opposed raising the minimum wage. Backus is on the right side of those issues and more. He deserves a chance to show what he can do in the Senate.