Obama-Biden Campaign Releases Ne w Web Tool Exposing McCain’s Budget Hypocrisy

New site now live at TheRecord.BarackObama.com/Spending

CHICAGO, IL - The Obama campaign today released a new web tool that reveals the truth about John McCain's promise to cut spending and balance the budget by 2013. The new site takes visitors step by step through McCain's proposed spending and proposed offsets, explaining exactly what it would take to make McCain's budget numbers add up.

► See for yourself at TheRecord.BarackObama.com/Spending.

"John McCain likes to rail against new spending on the campaign trail, but what he doesn't tell voters is that his own spending proposals would expand the deficit by more than $300 billion each year - unless he makes drastic cuts to programs that American families depend on," said Obama-Biden Spokesman Bill Burton.

McCain has proposed more than $700 billion in new spending and tax cuts each year, but the offsets he's proposed - including taxing health insurance benefits, cutting Medicare and Medicaid, a spending freeze and eliminating earmarks - leave a gap of $310 billion every year.

As today's New York Times explains, McCain "has not specified" where the additional spending cuts would come from to close the gap in his budget. This new web tool lets visitors try out for themselves how to close McCain's $310 billion per year gap - including slashing defense spending by half, or cutting Medicare by 75 percent.

► Check it out at TheRecord.BarackObama.com/Spending.