Bob Bruce For Executive Council - Honesty and Ethics

Honesty and Ethics before Politics, for a Change!

Part of the Executive Council's mission is to ensure that our State Government is Fiscally Sound and above reproach.

My opponent Ray Wiezorek, is a good man, but he has taken campaign contributions from registered state lobbyists, council appointees, and businesses that have come before the council or get paid contracts with the state.

That is wrong !

"I will never shake down lobbyists, businesses or people with possible appointments before the Council for contributions - now or in the future" said Bruce.

Bob Bruce is a Husband, Father and Grandfather, a Vietnam-Era Naval Veteran; Former Police Officer, Firefighter and Veteran's Counselor. Bob has also worked in both Military and Civilian Aviation; and is currently a Test Engineer in the Data Storage Field.

Bob Lives in Candia, with his wife Carol.

Send a Neighbor, not a Career Politician to the Council!