Campus Progress - New "Joe the Plumber" Ad Campaign Targets Students in NH

"Don't Fall Through the Crack"

National Voter Ad Campaign Targeting Students in New Hampshire Calls on them to Check Registration Status and Polling Location Before Nov. 4

Washington, D.C. -- Campus Progress, a leading national progressive youth organization, launched a national ad campaign today to encourage students in New Hampshire to check their registration before they head to the polls. With a record number of new registrations this year, Campus Progress is concerned that students may have questions or concerns about their registration status, or that they might encounter obstacles that prevent them from voting. The ad, "Don't Fall Through the Crack," will appear in various college and university newspapers such as The New Hampshire, The Keene Equinox, and others, and is inspired by the "Joe the Plumber" phenomenon. It targets young voters in key states and states with same day registration and voting - including Colorado, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania - providing them with the resources they need to answer their questions and help ensure a smooth registration and voting experience. The ad can be viewed online here:

"This year, young voters are more engaged in the election and educated about the issues than ever before. They are being directly affected by a declining job market and skyrocketing student debt, and want to have a role in shaping the next four years of this country," said Erica Williams, Policy and Advocacy Manager for Campus Progress. "All too often, though, young people arrive at the polls, only to find that their registration was never processed or that they were sent the wrong polling location. The new ad enables young people to check their registration before going to the polls. It's an effort to reduce the barriers young people might face on election day and make sure the youth vote is heard loud and clear."

Along with Campus Progress, a coalition of national young voter groups, including the Fair Elections Legal Network and Rock the Vote, has come together to monitor the polls on Tuesday and prevent any attempts to suppress the youth vote.

"This year alone, more than 9 million new voters have decided to register and cast their ballots on Election Day," added Williams. "At Campus Progress, we are committed to making sure nothing stands in their way of taking that first step towards life long civic engagement."


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