Obama/Biden - Fred Bramante, Member of McCain's NH Leadership Committee and 2008 Alternate RNC Delegate, Endorses Obama

Obama Campaign Also Announces 20 Additional NH Republicans Supporting Obama

MANCHESTER - Fred Bramante, a member of McCain's New Hampshire Leadership Committee and a 2008 Alternate Delegate to the Republican National Convention today announced his support for Senator Obama's Campaign for Change.

Bramante, a Co-Chair of Gov. Mike Huckabee's presidential campaign and former Republican gubernatorial candidate, is a past Chairman and current member of the New Hampshire State Board of Education. His endorsement marks the first time nationally that a delegate or alternate delegate to the 2008 Republican National Convention has publicly announced their decision to support Sen. Obama.

"I believe that America is at a critical point and that how our nation addresses the issue of education redesign will hold the key to America's future," said Fred Bramante. "Barack Obama is committed to reforming our public schools instead of abandoning them. To my disappointment, Senator McCain continues to support the use of vouchers, a divisive approach to education which has gotten us nowhere for decades and will not ensure that our children will live their lives in another American Century."

On the call, the Obama-Biden Campaign also announced 20 other prominent New Hampshire Republicans who support Obama for president. They include:

Brenda Heon

Eleanor Stark

Dan Wolf

Lucille Lagasse

Susan Dunlap

Pamela Diamantis

Linda Kaiser

George Schiller, Jr.

Richard Kimball

Barry Schuster

Joan Rice

Georgina Beecher

Norman Turcotte

Edward Charest

Kenneth Moulton

Daniel Wolf

Julian Shlager

Earle Rourke

Rebecca Burke

Jameson French

"As a lifelong Republican and father of two, I believe Obama is the best choice for the future of our country. He has my support because of his views on the economy, his concern for America's standing in the world, and his opposition to the war in Iraq," said Barry Schuster of Lebanon. "As the former Chair of the school board, I know improving education policy will be critical to the Senator because of his own experiences and the value he places on reforming the system."

"It has been the Democratic candidate, Barack Obama, who has demonstrated sound judgment in dealing with this economic crisis," said Pamela Diamantis of Greenland. "I am supporting Obama because he meets the criteria I want in a president, which is someone who is a strong leader who has conviction around his ideas and has the skills and desire to effectively communicate and build a consensus."

This group of 20 New Hampshire Republicans joins a long list of other prominent Republicans supporting Obama including Republican State Representative Sandy Kearns, former Republican State Senator Richard Russman, former Republican State Representative William Tsiros, and former Republican State Representative Liz Hager.