Senator Sununu For US Senate - What NH's Leading Newspapers Are Saying About Senator Sununu

Foster's Daily Democrat: "John E. Sununu has served the people of New Hampshire with honor and distinction...We respect John Sununu because he has integrity. He is not a captive of his party like so many in Congress or who aspire to sit there." (10/28/08)

  • Foster's: "John Sununu believes only the people control government in this country. He also knows, as do we, there are people in Congress whose ambition is to control rather than serve and that they are making massive efforts to elect people to the House and Senate who will walk in lock-step with the power brokers in and out of Congress." (10/28/08)

Nashua Telegraph: "Like many of you, we believe these important decisions should be based on what each candidate brings to the table in terms of their qualifications for office: Leadership. Experience. Performance. Character. Those are the key attributes on which wise voting decisions are made. It's for those reasons, then, that The Telegraph today endorses Sununu." (10/26/08)

  • Telegraph: "[W]e believe the state's junior senator has taken some important strides in recent years to work in a more bipartisan fashion - an approach that will be absolutely critical if this nation is going to have any chance of solving its most pressing problems." (10/26/08)

Union Leader: "In U.S. Sen. John E. Sununu, New Hampshire is fortunate to have one of the brightest, most innovative and hardest-working representatives this or any other state has sent to Washington in decades. It isn't a question of whether Sununu "deserves'' another term; it should be clear to New Hampshire voters, no matter their political affiliation, that this superb, independent-minded young man is exactly what is needed in this crucial time." (10/12/08)

  • Union Leader: John Sununu is highly regarded by political friend and foe alike. He is his own man who has consistently put principle above party (witness his call for the ouster of President Bush's Attorney General for political shenanigans and his insistence on civil rights protections in a revised Patriot Act)." (10/12/08)

Portsmouth Herald: "Last month, as our economy was melting down due to toxic mortgage-backed securities and collateralized debt obligations, Sununu again showed leadership by voting for the politically unpopular $700 billion bailout of our nation's financial institutions. There were many things about the bailout plan to which Sununu could have objected, but he recognized when a building is on fire, you need to act rather than quibble over details or posture for political points." (10/30/08)

  • Herald: "Sununu has been willing to say what he believes and has fought for it....Sununu has broken with his party on major issues. Almost immediately, he opposed President Bush's energy bill because it let MtBE polluters off the hook and contained giveaways to big oil. In 2007, he again voted to remove oil and gas exploration subsidies." (10/30/08)
  • Herald: "At this moment of crisis, we need a House and Senate that can oversee the ongoing stabilization of our financial system, get our economy moving and reduce our deficit. Sununu is the right person for the times as a rising star in the Senate on banking and finance, as evidenced by the bill he authored which created an independent regulator and strengthened oversight of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. That bill, first introduced in 2003, became law this spring." (10/30/08)

Eagle Tribune: "Because he stands for what's important to New Hampshire citizens and for his record of independence from his own party, we support the re-election of John Sununu to the U.S. Senate." (10/27/08)

  • Tribune: "Again and again, Sununu has stood up for New Hampshire residents by opposing his party and the Bush administration on policies that put the Granite State at risk...John Sununu is not ‘more of the same.' He has shown that he stands up for the interests of New Hampshire citizens, even when that means bucking his own party. We encourage New Hampshire voters to re-elect John Sununu to the U.S. Senate." (10/27/08)

Salmon Press: "Sununu, meanwhile, has solidified his standing in Washington by representing the views of New Hampshire citizens regardless of political fallout." (10/29/08)

  • Salmon Press: "Beyond his ability to reach across the aisle he also recognizes that the future of New Hampshire, like the past, rests with small businesses, And he supports legislation that keeps small business vibrant - specifically lower taxes, affordable access to health care and less government intervention." (10/29/08)
  • Salmon Press: "Even though he is the youngest member of the U.S. Senate, writer P.J. O'Rourke has labeled Sununu a ‘philosopher' and suggested he is the smartest man in the Senate. And he's exactly the right person to represent New Hampshire in the turbulent times ahead in Washington." (10/29/08)

Eagle Times: "A steady hand and a known quantity, youth and vision for the future. These are four qualities voters look for, and they are spilt up amongst two presidential candidates, and two vice presidential nominees. Luckily for New Hampshire, those attributes are emboldened in one candidate. Senator John Sununu is the youngest member of the United States Senate, yet in his six years representing New Hampshire in Washington as a senator, he has accomplished much." (10/17/08)

  • Times: "Sununu has proven that he is above party politics and partisan bickering, and has called for bills and measures that do not benefit one party over the other, rather benefiting the citizens of New Hampshire.... So this election, New Hampshire should stick with a steady hand and a known quantity, youth and vision for the future. New Hampshire should stick with Sununu." (10/17/08)

Conway Daily Sun: "It's been said Sununu is one of the smartest senators in Congress, and we believe it. He's as well-versed on issues as any politician we've interviewed and, more importantly, he doesn't mince words and rarely equivocates....there's just no getting around the fact as a first-term senator he got stuff done." (10/30/08)

  • Sun: "He's a classic moderate New Hampshire Republican who happens to be smarter and more effective than most of the other senators in the country, and he should not be thrown out because he happens to be a Republican." (10/30/08)