CEI Blogger Update: Wall Street Punching Bag

LibertyWeek Episode Episode 11: "Wall Street Punching Bag"

>> The CEI Weekly Podcast

Regular hosts Richard Morrison and Cord Blomquist welcome special guest commenter and friend of LibertyWeek William Yeatman back to the program. Your hosts tackle the big issues of the day, including the fallout from the Wall Street bailout bill, political interference with an advertising deal between Google and Yahoo, the recipients of the 2008 Nobel Prize for Medicine, the prospect of Sen. Ted Stevens spending “a little time in jail,” a $50 million embezzlement scandal in D.C. city government, parental controls for teen drivers, and, as always, the best in Olympic headlines.


New Video: Global Warming and Eco-Imperialism

>> CEI Issue in a Minute

“Eco-Imperialsm” – efforts by the developed world to impose its environmental priorities on the developing world. Developed countries seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions “for the sake of the planet,” regardless of its impact on the peoples of the world. In this video, Iain Murray of the Competitive Enterprise Institute discusses why cost-effective energy use is critical for Third World people, and the fastest path to ending poverty.


Bureaucrash Announcement

>> Crasher Challenge

The Crasher Challenge is a monthly drive to inspire activism on a specific issue. We’ll provide the initial resources to help you and other crashers get your creative juices flowing. We encourage crashers to document their activism and share it with others on Bureaucrash Social. The person or group that spearheaded the best activism will be rewarded with Contraband t-shirts and props on Bureaucrash Social.


>> Check out the latest blogs posts, articles, and Op-Eds from the public policy experts at the Competitive Enterprise Institute:

Deregulation Wasn’t to Blame for Financial Crisis

by Hans Bader

"Even the reliably-liberal BBC says that deregulation wasn’t the cause of the financial crisis . Other liberal journalists like Washington Post columnist Sebastian Mallaby have made the same point ."


Neither carrots nor sticks

by Ivan Osorio

“Few things are as exasperating as watching two sides argue — and neither rise above being half-right, at best…the left-liberal Center for American Progress responded to a Washington Post editorial calling for a tougher stance on the part of Washington against Latin American autocrats like Hugo Chavez and his cronies in Nicaragua, Bolivia, and Ecuador. While the Post editorial is right on more counts than is the CAP piece, they both seem to buy into the notion that the internal policies of Latin American countries are any of American policy makers’ business.”


EU Climate Plan Further Disintegrates

by William Yeatman

"The European Union’s promise to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions 20% by 2020 looks doubtful as member countries increasingly dilute their climate strategies to allay economic concerns."


Life’s two certainties (being sold out by the Swiss may be one of them)

by Gary Howard

"As yesterday’s New York Times reports. Lost in the universal focus on the credit crisis, we have seen a somewhat troubling change taking place in Switzerland’s longtime bank secrecy laws."


Sketch Pulled from SNL focused on the Wall Street Bailout

by Cord Bomquist

"Of course it got pulled because it’s too harsh on the Dems and SNL can’t be too harsh on their favorite politicians!"


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