Obama/Biden Campaign - Michelle Obama hosts Change We Need Rally in Keene

Mrs. Obama rallies students and Granite Staters at Keene State

Keene, NH –Michelle Obama, wife of Democratic presidential nominee, Senator Barack Obama, hosted a Change We Need rally at Keene State Wednesday, where she talked with students and members of the community about what’s at stake for New Hampshire voters in this election, and shared her perspective on why Barack Obama and Joe Biden are the only candidates who will bring the change we need to Washington.

At today’s rally, Mrs. Obama talked about the clear choice that New Hampshire voters have in this election – at a time when middle class families need policies that reflect their reality and express their values – and a leader in the White House who will address the economic crisis and help working families, fix our health care system, and make sure all children get the education they need to succeed in our global economy.

“There is only one candidate that will end the mistakes of the past eight years, who has the right ideas about how to handle this economic crisis, and who has the judgment that we need to keep our nation safe, rebuild our relationships with our allies and restore our position in the world,” said Mrs. Obama. “Barack is the only candidate that will make our economy strong again, with a plan built around the middle class. He will give a tax cut to 95 percent of all working Americans, including 800,000 workers here in New Hampshire.”

As part of the Obama-Biden campaign’s 50-state Vote For Change [http://voteforchange.com ] campaign, Mrs. Obama stressed the importance of participating in the democratic process, and challenged students to rise to the moment and encourage their peers to register to vote, and cast their ballots for change. Following today’s rally, Keene State students marched together to register to vote at the Keene City Clerk’s office.

Over the last several months, Mrs. Obama has hosted rallies focused on voter registration and outreach to young people, to build on the incredible impact that young people have already had on the Obama-Biden campaign in states across the country. In addition to rallies similar to the one scheduled at Keene State on Wednesday, Mrs. Obama has also focused her campaigning on roundtable conversations with working women and military families all over the country – discussions which she started in New Hampshire during the primary.