Obama/Biden - Over Three Thousand NH Women Announce Support for Obama-Biden

Women Cite Obama's Judgment and Commitment to Restoring Economic Security for New Hampshire's Women and Families


MANCHESTER - The Obama Campaign today announced over three thousand women from across the state united in their support for Senator Obama's campaign to bring the change we need to Washington. In the final days before November 4th, thousands of women from all parts of New Hampshire will reach out to their friends and neighbors about Senator Obama's vision to get our country back on track and change the way politics is done in Washington, D.C.


"This election is too important to sit on the sidelines," said Sandra Abrevaya, New Hampshire Communications Director. "Working families need Barack Obama's judgment and steady leadership in these trying economic times. Senator Obama is the best candidate to get our economy back on track and ensure families aren't just getting by, but getting ahead."


In the coming days, women across New Hampshire are signing up to join the Obama-Biden campaign to turn the page on the failed economic policies of the past. Women can go to nh.barackobama.com/nhwfo to add their names to the growing list of thousands of supporters from across the state


In New Hampshire alone, Senator Obama's economic plan would benefit 400,000 Granite State women (click HERE to view Obama's economic impact report). Unlike Obama, Senator John McCain's record of opposition to issues that affect women and his proposed economic plan will mean another four years of the failed economic policies of the Bush Administration that have hurt American families and made life harder for working women, if he's elected president.


In summary, Barack Obama's plan will:


Provide a New "Making Work Pay" Tax Cut of Up to $500 per Person, or $1000 Per Family, to 71 Million Working Women in America, including 400,000 in New Hampshire.


Give 8.4 Million Working American Women, including 27,800 in New Hampshire, a Raise of up to $4,700 per year, by Increasing the Minimum Wage to $9.50 by 2011.


Expand the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) to Benefit at Least 5 Million Working Women and Help Ensure That Low-Wage Working Parents Are Not Forced to Raise Their Children in Poverty.


Extend Child Care Tax Breaks to 7.5 Million Additional Working American Women, including 39,000 in New Hampshire. A working mother with two kids earning $50,000 a year will receive a $2,100 child care tax cut under the Obama plan.


Provide High-Quality Afterschool and Summer Learning Programs to An Additional 2 Million Children. The Obama plan will expand afterschool programs to serve an additional 1 million students, including more than 5,100 in New Hampshire, and summer learning programs for 1 million students.


Provide 7 Days of Paid Sick Leave to 22 Million Working Women.


Fight to Close the Gender Wage Gap that Has Women Earning 77 Cents for Every Dollar Earned By Men. This gap is even more pronounced for African American and Latina women.


Increase Retirement Savings Opportunities for the 45 Million Working Women Who Lack an Employer Retirement Account, by providing them with a new Automatic Workplace Pension and providing a $500 matching tax credit for their savings.


Help 8.7 million women business owners in America, including 42,000 in New Hampshire, grow their businesses and create jobs, by setting capital gains rates to zero for small business and entrepreneurial ventures.


Offer quality affordable health care to the 21.5 million women who lack health insurance.