Soldiers' Angels Ladies of Liberty: Introduction Kit


I am recruiting for Ladies of Liberty team - Females supporting Females. If you or a friend are interested in getting involved with supporting our female service members, please follow the instructions below!! THANKS!

Ladies of Liberty: Introduction Kit

Hello Angels~ Welcome to Ladies of Liberty:

Soldiers' Angels has found a new niche in assisting our deployed service members with a team called Ladies of Liberty. This team focuses on the needs of deployed female service members. Our organization understands that females are instrumental in the current war (as in the past), and make special efforts to support them in their missions while showcasing our appreciation for their service. We assist with supplies for their unique health and hygiene needs, and help them experience a few pampering moments to rejuvenate and 'be good to themselves.'


Almost two million women in America's history have been veterans--from the American Revolution to Panama, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq, women have served in some way in every American conflict. Thirty-three thousand women served in WWI, and almost 500,000 took part in WWII. During the Korean era, 120,000 women were in uniform, and 7,000 were deployed in-theater during Vietnam. In Desert Storm, seven percent of the total U.S. forces deployed were women - over 40,000 personnel.



In terms of the scope of women serving our country, Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom are no different than past conflicts. At least 160,000 femaleservice membershave fought or are currently fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Today's heroic deployed women--whose patriotism, courage and perseverance are shaping the nation on a daily basis--are in the same tradition of strength as those who served previously in this special sisterhood.

American women in uniform patrol bomb-ridden highways, stand duty at checkpoints shouldering M-16s and raid houses in insurgent-contested towns. These Ladies of Liberty are our daughters, sisters, wives, mothers and best friends. True to all teams that are formed within the Soldiers' Angels organization, we are committed to make our service members feel the appreciation and gratitude of a nation.

This program originated in a University of North Dakota Women's Studies class taught by me, Shelle Michaels, in the 2006 summer session. The students originally adopted 24 females from the North Dakota Army National Guard (1-188th ADA JLENS and SECFOR).

On a national level, we moved into a support base via Soldiers' Angels in May 2008. Since that start, we have send thousands of dollars worth of support and priceless amonts of care, love and appreciation to our female service members.


FIRST: Please send my assistantDiane Fairben your information. She will maintain our team registration spreadsheet. Her email is

She will need name, address, city, phone, email, birthday (we take care of our own as well) and anything you would like to share about yourself.......for our own records.

Diane will send your information to the team leader who will then give you the names and details for your specific team. You will hear from your team leader within a few days (remember we are all volunteers!)

SECOND: Please send to me a mini-profile of you, with your name, state, photo and anything else that you would like to share. I will put that on our blog for others to see our amazing team - I do not put your full name on the blog, nor do I share information as per your home town, or if you send me information about your children. If you choose not to have this information on our blog, that is fine, we respect your privacy.


Just like any of the other teams, this is additional support to our servicemembers. I am sending out a welcome letter/needs list to each woman that is submitted to us. As I get this information back, I send it to Rita who maintains our databases for our teams. She will fill in the blanks as closely asshe can so we can best support the needs and wants of our Ladies of Liberty.

You will be assigned to a team of 50 service membersand ONE deployed unit of about 25 women and one unit that has not yet deployed that you will support as you desire.

One Director- Shelle Michaels

One Angels Coordinator- Diane
One Ladies Coordinator- Rita
One Sunhine Angel- Ann

There are ten teams
One Team leader
One deployed unit

One unit that is training for deployment

Minimum- 85 Angels per team

Minimum- 50 individual Ladies of Liberty per team

Feell free to send one package to one service member each month, cards to all, packages to many, whatever you desire. You will not individually be assigned a name of a service member, you will get to pick and choose as you desire. The names will remain the same until someone has redeployed and returned home,new names will be added to the list of support due to the deployment factor.

We have different focuses within at this point.

GROUP- We have onedeployed unitper each team and one deploying unit per each teamthat we will support. Upon return of a unit, we will add a new unit depending upon how large our team becomes.

DEPLOYED GROUP LIST: Ideally each team member will sends one package or letterto the unit we are supporting each month. If everyone sends something, anything, then that unit will have full support. Your team leader will know of special requests and projects ongoing with that team.

Each month please send SOMETHING – a package, cards, letters to YOUR DEPLOYED UNIT. We have the names of the ladies listed so you can put cards or letters into the shipment for the point of contact to distribute in that unit. We will list their support needs, or this also is where the lists on the forum, list serve come into play. The NEEDS of this full unit.

All their support packages are shipped to their POC (point of contact). These people are in the know of who is not receiving care from home and distributes the goods accordingly.

Team One POC- Corianna Kubasta (27)
Team Two POC- Sonia Graves (22)
Team Three POC- Megan Dockter (27)
Team Four POC- Patricia (120)
Team Five POC- Organization Adoption (50)
Team Six POC-Patricia (120)
Team Seven POC - Patricia (120)
Team 8-10still forming

DEPLOYING GROUP LIST: Write a note of support or fun to the Point of Contact that is gearing up for deployment .

SINGLE- which allows you to pick and choose names off the list provided.

SINGLE LIST: You may want to send a package to one or letters to all of the ladies on the rotation list. Pick a name and send her TLC!! One, some..... all. Depends on you! You may want to stick with the same lady, or not......This part is really up to you.

ADDITIONAL SUPPORT: HOLIDAYS, BIRTHDAYS and additional support: When we are made aware of a situation, we will send special requests to ALL registered team Angels.

The following kinds of items is just a start per ideasfor our adopted ladies:

Personal care - feminine hygiene materials, shower gel, waterproof mascara, clear lip gloss, DEEP conditioner, facial lotion, lotionand vitamins, etc.
Pampering items - body scrub, nail polish (for toes) and facial masks, etc.
Hair care - hair bands, brushes, shampoo and conditioner, etc.
Leisure materials - books, magazines and 'chick flicks' (movies), etc.
Nutrition- nitrition bars, mini meals (to pack in rucks for missions), crackers, etc,
Crave it - Chocolate (October to May only or M & Ms do not melt), salty, sweet-- think about some of the things you crave ONCE A MONTH-- yup- they do too.

You can send the Ladies letters, magazines...... notes of support.
You are not required to send them packages monthly- unless you choose to.

By no means should this become a financial burden...
a. It is just the little things... going to the park and picking a few flowers and pressing them..........
b. A pack of gum in the mail......
c. Homemade stationery for them to use........
d. If you can do more, great.....


When communicating with these ladies, start out by saying that you are a member of Soldiers' Angels Ladies of Liberty and 'Shelle Michaels the Director of Ladies of Liberty sent you!'

The only way you should be using the email addresses for any of our ladies is if you have sent them a snail mail with your info and they have replied back that it is ok to email them.If all 85 angels start emailing them, even if it take a minute to read, and a minute to respond- that is 3 hours that they could have been communicating with their family or getting some sleep. Not all Ladies have unlimited access to a computer. So, please refrain from emailing them, unless they have said it was OK.

If you receieve communication from your lady, and she has given you the email address- please share that with your team leader so we can update our records. Also, if they tell you anything about themselves, forward that to the team leader. They in turn will send the information to Rita our Ladies Coordinator and to Ann our Sunshine Angel.

Please get their birthdays and redeployment dates from them as soon as you can from them so we can assist in celebrating their big day - We send them a cake!!

You need to send in a monthly report to your team leader. This is for Ladies of Liberty Related Support only. It has nothing to do with the Letter Writing Team or the Wounded Service member support. THOSE ARE SEPARATE TEAMS—and you need to report into your team leader for those teams. What our team leaders need to know is: How many packages did you send and approximate content- and to who. How many letters/cards did you send and to who. Did you do any Angel outreach- give a presentation? Article in the paper?

The reason we have monthly reports-- is we monitor who is getting packages... thus far it is evening out perfectly.. but if I see anyone NOT getting support... I will then drop ship a package from the warehouse for them.

When E-mailing us- please always place LoL in the subject line then follow with your subject.We channel through over 1500 emails a day, and would HATE to overlook your important email to us.


Our information is available:

Our blog is:

We are on the Soldiers' Angels Forum o share ideas- (scroll down to Ladies of Liberty.) You have the opportunity to talk and share ideas with others and get to know other Angels.

Because not all angels like going to the Forums -, (although within Soldiers' Angels reading the forums for updates is encouraged), you will receive all the information that you truly need to be successful from your team leader.

The blog is the only place where I can post photos- and I have this as an outreach tool to get more people involved. If they see what we are doing, they are more apt to join our team. The Ladies over there check this blog out frequently- so if you have overall support messages that you want to share, feel free to email me and ask me to send to the blog.

Our press release can be sent to others that may want to know more about what we do. Feel free to copy and paste the information from this link to share with others:


LoL in our case does NOT mean Laughing out Loud. It means Ladies of Liberty. HAHAHAH means laughing out loud!! haha!!

I encourage you to be on the lookout for great opportunities (corporate sponsors, fundraisers etc) to support our females. I will pursue the leads that you give to me with our Development team. If you get the website, contact information, product information and grant or donation form (great) - the more information that you locate the better. I will work with the Development Team to assure the best options are utilized.

Reminder that you can not solicit money for anything you are working on. All funds donated must be shipped to Soldiers’ Angels. For anyone that knows anything about non-profits, it is very important that all donations as accounted for.... the IRS is very particular about this.

Soldiers Angels
1792 E. Washington Blvd
Pasadena, Ca 91104

Muscles in Motion—some of you need a boost of encouragement. It is no different then the first hero you adopted. All you need to do is choose one person and just start.HAVE FUN!!! This is a team that will change your life forever!

Soldiers Angels Code of Ethics

Our community of Soldiers Angels is widespread and diverse, which is a very important aspect of our success. Like the military we serve, we must hold ourselves to a higher standard, and pledge to respect our deployed troops, their families and loved ones, as well as our fellow Angels at all times.

As we grow larger and attract so many new members, we need to remind everyone that each Angel must adhere to the following Soldiers' Angels code of ethics and conduct:

Any information regarding the troops, their families, their loved ones or other Angels, including images, is confidential within the organization.

Any monies or other items donated to an Angel for Soldiers' Angels shall be held in trust by the Angel and forwarded to Soldiers' Angels as soon as practicable.

Angels should not request monies or items to be sent to their homes unless they have first received administrative approval.

Angels must not use their Soldiers' Angels' lists, addresses, emails or other information for any unsolicited email (including but not limited to: political, religious, personal sales emails or spam, etc.) Every Angel will learn how and use exclusively BCC in all emails.

Soldiers' Angels must always be a safe place for soldiers, their families and loved ones to seek support. Anything of a sexual or pornographic nature or racial or religious slurs of any kind will not be tolerated. This also includes email addresses or Forum names of a suggestive nature.

Angels will not use the Soldiers' Angels name, logo, email lists, addresses, or other Soldiers' Angels information in the distribution or the display of any material that is deemed offensive by Soldiers' Angels Administration. Logo approval is needed prior to use.

No Angel shall seek to impose their own personal, political or religious beliefs upon our troops, their families, or their loved ones.

Just as with the troops we support, each Angel will be held to the highest standard of ethical conduct in dealing with our troops, their families and loved ones.

Holding ourselves to the highest standard will ensure the future of our work and will allow us to continue our relationships with the military, military families, other support groups, and the multitude of individuals and organizations that support our mission through their financial and other contributions.

All Angels are expected to abide by this code of ethics and conduct.

Thank you for all that you do for our military, military families and veterans. Angel miracles happen every day!

With my love and thanks to all Angels,

Patti Patton Bader


Shelle Michaels
Soldiers' Angels National Communication Officer
Ladies of Liberty Team Director