- Cold, Hard, Surprising New Numbers on Immigration

There's an event going on tomorrow to cover these incredible numbers, which you can participate in, or watch at


Here's a sneak peek on new polling we're releasing tomorrow, conducted by Lake Research Partners between Nov. 5thand 9th — please join us tomorrow (details below) for the full scoop.


71% of Latino voters in the sample favor 'a pathway to citizenshipfor illegal immigrants,' but the support is broad across the American electorate, not just among Latinos.


67%of swing votersfavor a pathway to citizenship (CIR- comprehensive immigration reform)in the following swing districts: VA-11, AZ-1, AZ-5, NM-1, WA-8, CO-4, IL-14, NV-3, PA-11;This matched the 67% of a nationwide sample who favor CIR


You've heard about the Latino Vote in this election, now join NDN, America's Voice, and pollsters David Mermin of Lake Research Partners and Pete Brodnitz of the Benenson Strategy Group to get all the details on what these new numbers mean for immigration policy:


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