CEI Blogger Update: Electoral Hangover Edition

LibertyWeek Episode Episode 16: Electoral Hangover


Join your hosts Richard Morrison and Cord Blomquist this week for an election roundup featuring Barack Obama, John McCain, Ralph Nader, Bob Barr, and some guy named Chuck Baldwin. We revisit the status of our friend Ted Stevens and his possible successor (could it be Sarah Palin?) and ask why Missouri can’t seem to get its electoral act together. We continue on to the auto bailout, First amendment news from Utah, special guest Jonathan Tolman and some very timely, politically tinged Olympic News.



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An Agenda for the Monday a.m. Obama and Bush Meeting

by Wayne Crews

>>As cited in CFO Magazine

"Since the President and President-elect start spending quality Oval Office time together . . . we at CEI are more than happy to help. While they’re busy trying to lower expectations for a 100-Day agenda, we prefer to raise them–but in the direction of freedom rather than yet more central planning from Washington."



No “Technology Czar,” Please

by Wayne Crews

>>As Cited by Ars Technica

"On the high-technology front, president-elect Obama has indicated he’d appoint a Chief Technology Officer . . . Industries–and mere concepts like 'technology'–do not need czars in Washington. Such enterprise needs to operate apart from this city."



In mortgage modifications, property rights of investors must be respected

by John Berlau

"Today, in addition to Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson’s expected announcement of a major mortgage modification plan through the $700 billion TARP, Barney Frank’s House Financial Services Committee is holding a hearing entitled 'Private Sector Cooperation with Mortgage Modification' . . . specifically, Frank and some fellow committee members seek to villify investors in mortgage-backed secuties who assert their property rights under contracts with banks servicing the mortgages."



Prospects for Card Check in the Obama Administration

by Ivan Osorio

"Organized labor came out big for Barack Obama and other Democrats running for offices across the country, so we can expect the unions to demand the victorious Dems to enact legislation they want. Chief among union priorities is the so-called Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), which would allow unions to circumvent secret balloting in union organizing elections"



The day after elections — stock market trivia

by Fran Smith

"A bit of election trivia from Reuters today, which tracked how the stock market fared the day after presidential elections from 1896 through 2008. At its close on Nov. 5, the U.S. stock market had its largest drop on record on the day after a presidential election. Other large drops and increases are also noted."



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