NetRight Daily: Trouble In Minnesota

Trouble In Minnesota: Our government’s legitimacy is derived from the consent of the governed, and without that, it lacks legitimacy. Our own role in preserving a healthy democracy is to raise legitimate questions, not to play partisan politics. There does appear to be a danger of election manipulation in the Senate race of Minnesota. Mr. Ritchies previous ties to ACORN, a group known for voter registration fraud, certainly raise red flags. We will not shy away from informing our readers of those ties.


Ahmadinejad 1, Obama 0: Even before taking office, and even before the election is formally certified on December 15, the Obama administration already has achieved a doozy of a foreign policy blunder.


It Didn't Have To End This Way: As a conservative, it was painful, of course, to see the GOP swept away in a near landslide, but I was just as saddened to see the final nail pounded into President Bush's political coffin, his stature so diminished that not even Republican stalwarts will deny claims that the last eight years have been a complete failure. It didn't have to end this way and I fear that the party has not learned its lesson.


Joe The Plumber Was Watched: Good story from Ace of Spades. Apparently, Joe the Plumber was under extreme scrutiny.


Today's cartoon is from the post 'I Can See Russia From My House'