NetRight Daily: Getting Back On Course

The GOP: Losing Its Own Soul?: There’s one thing all of the politicos seem to agree on from both sides of the Aisle, at either end at Pennsylvania Avenue: The Republican Party took a major hit this election year.


A Sarah Palin Tribute--Part 2: The true measure of a leader lies not in a gushing dissection of her many attributes but in gauging her effect on others, though in the case of Sarah Palin I could spend all day on both.


Capitol South: This weeks edition of Capitol South came out today!


Eric Holder, The Next AG?: Reuters is reporting that the next Attorney General could be Eric Holder. Holder has accepted a conditional offer from Obama.


ALG President Calls For No Bailout for Auto Industry: In a letter sent to top Congressional leadership today, ALG president Bill Wilson strongly urged Congress to reject the controversial taxpayer bailout for the U.S. automotive industry, specifically citing “union excesses” as a primary cause of the automotive collapse.