NetRight Daily: The RINOs Are Coming!

Get On Board: Another great cartoon from our own William Warren.


Hayek's Road Now Taken: Understandably, but mistakenly, the debate over the causes of the financial crisis has generated a false dichotomy between two camps: those who argue that the problem was deregulation, and those who argue that it was overregulation.


End To Era Of Prosperity: Was the financial panic aggravated by the likelihood of an Obama victory? Evidence from the stock market suggests investors may have become more pessimistic about the economy as Obama's chances of winning increased. Investors' pessimism was likely rooted in Obama's commitment to pursuing protectionist trade policies, lowering barriers to union organization, ending tax deferrals for multinational corporations, and increasing regulation.


Do We Need Automobiles Manufactured In The U.S.?: Since Henry Ford made the first automotive affordable to everyone, we as Americans use him as a pure golden entrepreneur. He is what a true entrepreneur does. He takes a certain item and makes it easy for everyone else to incorporate it into their daily life. A modern day version of this is Bill Gates and Microsoft.