ALG Exclusive: Entering the Age of O-ppression?

November 20th, 2008, Fairfax, VA—Please be advised that tomorrow, ALG News will be publishing a chilling exclusive interview story with Lufkin resident Jessica Hughes who was accosted by two Secret Service agents after being critical of then-presidential candidate Barack Obama.


She was told to her surprise that she had been accused of threatening the Senator’s life, a charge without any corroboration.


Mrs. Hughes, who only was exercising her patriotic duty of dissent, was offended and felt that the agents intended to intimidate and bully her into silence.


In what portends to be a disturbing new chapter in American politics, “Entering the Age of O-ppression” chronicles the alarming pattern of intimidation occurring nationwide to vocal critics of Barack Obama and his proposed policies for the nation.


In Mrs. Hughes own words:


“I certainly feel like they were trying to make me be quiet and trying to intimidate me and take away my free speech... That’s what really enraged me is that I thought ‘there’s a lot of people out there that if [the Secret Service] showed up on their porch, that’s exactly what they’d do—they’d be quiet’... I wasn’t going to be the one.”


For more information regarding this disquieting story, please contact ALG News correspondent, William Warren at 770-530-6530.



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