Americans for Job Security Releases Card Check Advertisement Nationally



Washington, D.C.- Americans for Job Security released an advertisement today on attempts by some to get rid of the Secret Ballot in union organizing elections.


“The right to a secret ballot is a fundamental American tradition and it is unfortunate that some in Washington believe it is a right they deserve but that American workers do not,” said Stephen DeMaura President of Americans for Job Security.


The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) is a piece of legislation which would strip the American worker of their right to a secret ballot in organization elections. Favored by Union executives at the expense of individual workers the legislation deprives employees of fundamental workers rights and opens the workplace to coercion. The EFCA poses a serious threat to one of the fundamentals of our democracy as well as small businesses across the country.


“Small businesses are the engine of our economy and in a time when thousands are losing their jobs it hardly seems appropriate to further burden them in favor of well healed Union executives,” DeMaura added.


The advertisement will be running on cable and network television nationally.


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