NetRight Daily: The Obama Decoder

The Obama Decoder - "Change": As my own official Obama Decoder, I wish to translate something for you. On the subject of how we were duped on “change” and how the con-artist has brought in all the fossils from the Clinton and Carter years, the real reason he is bringing these ancient artifacts in is as follows.


Self-Government In Danger: The City of Concord does not want its residents—or those of any other city in New Hampshire—to be allowed to vote to limit taxes and spending. That is the real truth.


A Fundamental Right To Limit Government: Long ago, America was founded upon the constitutional principles of limited government and the rule of law. Power was and is derived from the people. However, the very idea of the people—and the consent of the governed—being the primary source of power in our democracy may be fading.


Detroit Blames Worker-Choice Option: In Detroit yesterday, the leader of the union that helped drive the American automakers toward bankruptcy seemed to lay some of the blame for the Big Three's financial predicament on Alabama.


Today's cartoon is from Self-Government In Danger