Nat. Rep Trust PAC - Obama Hit Hard with TV Ad in Georgia; Illegals' Citizenship Exposed

Urgent Message from Scott Wheeler

Executive Director


We have a new ad out exposing Barack Obama in the Georgia Senate race.


You can see it here by Going Here Now


In this ad, we remind Georgia voters what is at stake in this special Senate run-off election: total control of the U.S. Congress.


We also remind them that Obama has promised pro-immigration groups he will work to legalize 12 million illegal aliens.


This will be a crushing blow to the U.S. economy, not to mention to the political balance between Republicans and Democrats.


If Republican Saxby Chambliss loses, Obama and his Democratic allies will be on the precipice of 60 Senate votes -- enough to give them a filibuster proof majority in the Senate for their radical agenda.


This is why our mission is so critical.


I am glad to report -- thanks to your help -- we have already committed three-quarters of a million dollars for TV ad buys in Georgia.


But we need to do more before next Tuesday and we need your help.


Make your donation today -- Go Here Now.


Press reports indicate Obama and the Democrats are pouring millions into Georgia and have a cash advantage over Saxby Chambliss.


Your donation will count. It will make a difference. Go Here Now.


Thank you.

Yours for America,

Scott Wheeler
Executive Director


P.S. The liberal blogs are furious by the influence the National Republican Trust PAC has exerted in the Georgia. They have even targeted Dick Morris for supporting us. Dick is fighting back and told Fox News last night this election is absolutely critical for the Republican Party and he won't be intimidated. Stand with us in this fight by calling our donor hotline at 1-866-957-1467 or Going Here Now.