NH Advantage Coalition Joins State of NH in Defending State Taxpayers against Concord's City Council

Hearing is continued to January 2009


November 26th, 2008, Concord, NH- Despite being reviewed and approved by 3 state agencies, and the local ballot group who put the initiative up, Concord City Solicitor Paul Cavanaugh has challenged a tax and spending restriction charter amendment for the city in the Merrimack Superior Court. The New Hampshire Advantage Coalition will be joining the State in defending the rights of New Hampshire Taxpayers to limit taxes and spending through citizen initiatives in chartered communities. The hearing that was scheduled for today will be continued till January 2009.


New Hampshire Advantage Coalition Chairman Mike Biundo once again expressed his disappointment in the suit and reinforced his commitment to the taxpayers of New Hampshire.


"What is the city government of Concord so afraid of?" Biundo asked of the city council.


"The citizens of Concord have a fundamental right to enact a charter amendment that limits both taxes and spending," said Biundo. "Tax and spending caps have been a part of New Hampshire for over twenty years. Each cap proposal has been carefully written to withstand the scrutiny of three separate state agencies, all which are working to make sure that the language conforms to state law."


Biundo described the case as a "political ploy." The New Hampshire Advantage Coalition had originally intended to have the charter amendment on the ballot for voters to adopt for 2008, but it was blocked by the city council.


"We had enough signatures, and the council stalled the taxpayers and ran out the clock," said Biundo. "Now we know why. They wanted time to file suit against the initiative."


The New Hampshire Advantage Coalition will join the state on defending taxpayers write to petition their government and control their taxes.


"These charter amendments go through a thorough review process. The Secretary of State, Attorney General, and Department of Revenue Administration have all signed a letter stating that they 'do not object to the proposed amendment to the existing charter. We have hired the Law form of Douglas, Leonard and Garvey and will be joining the state in its defense of the rights of local taxpayers,'" said Biundo. "Ballot initiatives by the people and for the people such as this one shouldn't be decided in court because a certain city council can't figure out how to cut spending."


For more information please contact: Matt Murphy of the New Hampshire Advantage Coalition (603)-475-8435 (cell), or write: mbiundo@yourmeridian.com