Phinizy For NH Senate - Dean Endorses Phinizy for State Senate

CLAREMONT - Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, now Chair of the Democratic National Committee, made a visit to Claremont on Thursday afternoon. He said his primary goal was to support Sen. Barack Obama, the Democratic presidential candidate, but also to raise awareness and encourage votes for the other Democrats running for national office, former Gov. Jeanne Shaheen, the Democratic candidate for the U. S. Senate, and Congressman Paul Hodes. Dean also endorsed Jay Phinizy for the state Senate.

Speaking to supporters and volunteers at the Claremont Democratic office, Dean said, "We are the change we need, and we need to elect a president from this generation instead of Republican candidate John McCain, who represents the old way of doing things.

"We certainly want to get the vote out for Barack Obama, but it's also important to elect other Democrats on the ballot, Jeanne Shaheen, Paul Hodes, and Jay Phinizy who will stop the Republican obstructionism at the state level that has slowed progress on important issues. I've known Jay Phinizy for many years, and I can tell you that he is a dedicated individual who represents the interests of his constituents, not special interests. He will be an excellent choice to represent you in Concord"

Dean stressed the critical importance of voting. "This election is really important and the question is how to get more people to vote. One of the good things you have in New Hampshire that we don't have across the border in Vermont is that you can go down and register at the polls on election day." Dean urged everyone in the audience to make sure that their friends and neighbors also vote on election day.