NHAC - Rochester's Tax Cap Passes in Landslide

Taxpayers in two communities overwhelmingly picked lower taxes and smaller


Manchester, NH - The Economy is down, tax and spending is up, however in Rochester and Somersworth we see a ray of hope. When given the chance to voice their opinions, taxpayers picked lower taxes and the preservation of the New Hampshire Advantage. The combined vote of both Rochester's and Somersworth's taxpayers on their respective caps, proves that the New Hampshire Advantage is alive and it lives in the hearts of the taxpayers. Rochester's cap won a landslide victory of 70%-30% and while Somersworth's cap lost, the margin was a mere 8% points.


In the coming weeks and months the New Hampshire Advantage Coalition will be working with taxpayers in local communities to explore the possibly of putting caps on additional upcoming Municipal Election Ballots. We will also be beginning our informational effort in both Manchester and Concord for their respective votes next year.


"The New Hampshire Advantage is alive and well in the hearts of the taxpayers. I was very pleased with the votes in both Rochester and Somersworth. This was a huge victory for all those who believe that low taxes are the result of low spending. I congratulate the Rochester Taxpayers Association, as well as the individual taxpayers that worked on this effort in Somersworth. They all should be proud of the effort they expended and the results they achieved. This type of direct local taxpayer involvement is a key component in preserving our New Hampshire Advantage. Together in partnership with local taxpayers and organizations, the New Hampshire Advantage Coalition will continue to work for a small and more efficient government, lower taxes as well as reforming taxes and entitlement programs." said Michael Biundo Chairman NHAC


For more information please contact: Matt Murphy of the New Hampshire Advantage Coalition (603)-475-8435 (cell), or write: mbiundo@yourmeridian.com