CEI Blogger Update: Election Fallout Edition

LibertyWeek Episode Episode 15: Election Day Extravaganza


Join your hosts Richard Morrison and Cord Blomquist this week as we take on election day madness, the tradition of Guy Fawkes Day, campaign sabotage, the ghost of the Fairness Doctrine, how the coming depression is actually a minor recession, why the Department of Justice can’t help itself from destroying American tech companies and a special public service edition of Olympic news.

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Controversial Appointments & Cliffhangers

by Hans Bader

"From the polls, it looks like Obama will be our next president. So who will he be appointing to high office? ."



Congratulations on Obama Win from My Marxist Father-in-Law in France

by Hans Bader

"My father-in-law, a Marxist trade unionist and former Trotskyite candidate for the French Parliament, called me up last night at 2 a.m. to congratulate me on Obama being elected."



Kudos to California

by Iain Murray

"Great result in California, where the voters figured out the plan by T Boone Pickens and his cronies at Chesapeake Energy to force people to buy their products.”



Tom Brokaw and the Greatest Hyperbole of a Generation

by Cord Blomquist

"Last night after President-elect Obama had given his acceptance speech the punditry machine started up again. Tom Brokaw, a veteran anchorman at NBC, surprisingly made what I found to be the most hyberbolic statement of the night"



If only you could take it all with you

by Wayne Crews

"It seems few would deserve it more than author Michael Crichton, author of numerous books on sweeping techno-thriller themes that were irresistable candy to a policy and sci-fi fan like me."


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