Executive Branch Online Press Announcement

WASHINGTON, DC - Nov. 7, 2008 - The Obama team has launched its transition Web site, called Change.gov. From here, people can apply for appointments to the new administration. But, there is no list of what jobs are available. However, such a list does exist at Executive Branch Online, (www.executivebranchonline.com) an online model of the executive branch of the federal government, where visitors can see the Bush Administration laid out for them. While they can apply to work as an appointee in President-elect Obama's administration at Change.gov, they can search Executive Branch Online to find a specific job they might qualify for.

Dal LaMagna, founder of Executive Branch Online, has spent several years and over a million dollars fleshing out the specifics of a Presidential Administration. Jennifer Hicks who runs the site has managed a team over the years, and they have spent countless hours compiling more than 1,800 appointments.

Besides helping people who want to join Obama's administration, EBO is a place people can go to see who gets appointed. LaMagna says, "So now, people can see what appointed positions exist, apply for one on President-elect Obama's Change.gov site, and then come back to EBO to see who's appointed when."

According to Jennifer Hicks, before the election daily traffic had been sparse. Since the election, people have been finding us in greater numbers each day. Today alone, we've welcomed two new volunteers and more donations than we've seen so far.


The Executive Branch Online, headquartered in Washington, D.C., is a non-profit organization that focuses on the jobs of the presidential appointees -- who they are, what they do, and how they impact our lives. Our goal is to make its very easy for the public to follow the development of the Obama Administration and for people who want to work as an appointee to find a job they might fill.