NH GOP - An election coda

On the day before the election, you may have heard a news report about an incensed Carol Shea-Porter having allegedly witnessed someone taking down one of her campaign signs and throwing it in a dumpster. I didn’t give the story much thought at the time, beyond thinking it was strange behavior: Someone interested in taking down campaign signs would be unlikely to take down just one, or to take the time to dispose of that one sign in a dumpster. And why would a Member of Congress take the time to watch how a sign was being dispensed with? There had to be more to it.


Well, based on a letter to the editor in Fosters, now we know “the rest of the story.” The sign had been placed on private property without the owner’s permission, and the Congresswoman happened upon seeing it being taken down by someone who was not a sign thief. I can only hope that Congresswoman Shea-Porter has managed to recover fully from this latest bout of hysterics.


'You cannot have our land'


To the editor: I consider Mrs. Carol Shea-Porter to be a traitor because she gave comfort to the enemy in Iraq by voting to cut off funds to our troops while they are in harm's way. She knows what I think, because I told that to her chief of staff, when he came to sweet talk me at the presentation of the Freedom Award to Turbocam last year in Washington DC.


So why was she putting her campaign signs on my property? Did she think I had changed my mind because she stole some money in Washington for a teen center in Somersworth? Turbocam employee Henry Burke found her sign on our property, and pulled it up. She saw him, sensed an "Aha" moment, used some elegant language befitting a $170,000 a year government employee, called Fosters, and filed a complaint with the police. On Nov 2, Fosters accused us of stealing her campaign signs.


To our Democrat friends, you may win the elections. But you cannot have our land. This is Indian territory. At least bring us some beads.


Marian B. Noronha