N.H. was hit by massive ice storm. CAACP H.Q. as with many other N.H. residents in remote locations may not have power restored for 2-3 more weeks. CAACP H.Q. is equipped with wood stoves, oil lanterns, bottled water, limited emergency communications on marine battery's. The old style dial telephone is working again with no answering machine. This computer is only working long enough until the squirrel in the squirrel powered generator has a heart attack. We apologize for not responding to inquiries and will not be on lineagain until power is restored. Look forward to hearing from you then.

This is a good wake up callfor many to be better prepared for natural disaster's or in the event of a economic collapse which could result in similar

long term inconveniences.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas. Our tree will be lit for Christmas day if we find another squirrel.

Jean "Mike" Coutu


State Chapter's H.Q.