Shea-Porter meets with State Department about Dover Call Center

Washington, DC – Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter had a conference call today with a State Department official in preparation for a meeting to be held Monday in her Washington, DC office. She pressed the State Department on several points regarding the closing of the National Passport Information Center in Dover, including the loss of expertise for the State Department, the effect on the local economy, the timing of the decision, and the potential cost to the taxpayer.


“I will continue to fight for the workers at the Dover Call Center,” declared Shea-Porter. "In the current economic climate, any loss of jobs is troubling. In this case, it is even more troubling if it will mean an increased cost to the taxpayer. The Dover facility has performed quality work for the State Department for more than a decade. These employees have the security clearances, training, and expertise that comes with years of work. These jobs should remain in Dover."