CEI Weekly: Bailouts for Christmas

>>Shaping the Debate

Which Way Is Wise?

John Berlau in Stocks, Futures and Options Magazine


Clean Waste

William Yeatman and Jeremy Lott featured in Culture 11



Geithner is spelled P-a-u-l-s-o-n

John Berlau featured in The Washington Examiner



Time to shore up the Beach Plan

Eli Lehrer featured in The Star News Online



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>>Best of the Blogs

GM-Chrysler merger again likely shot down by antitrust rules

by John Berlau

"During the negotiations for the multi-billion dollar bailout being announced today, an option again apparently came up that might have gone a long way toward strengthening General Motors and Chrysler’s viability that wouldn’t have cost taxpayers a dime — a merger between the two of them."



More Criticism for Unconstitutional Auto Bailout

by Hans Bader

"Andrew Sullivan and George Will have joined Clinton Administration Labor Secretary Robert Reich,the Heritage Foundation and other commentators in concluding that the Bush Administration’s unilateral automaker bailout is unconstitutional."



Trillion is the new billion

by Julie Walsh

"Given the nod from Keynesian economists that believe it’s necessary to spend your way out of a recession and possible deflation, the Dems have their New Deal plan to offer."



No holiday cheer here

by Fran Smith

"If you’re looking for holiday cheer, you might not want to read Holman Jenkins’ article in the Wall Street Journal today, even though it’s right on target. Its title – “Get ready for a lost decade” – gives the theme."



Fewer Toys for Christmas

by Hans Bader

"Small toy manufacturers may go out of business thanks to the “Consumer Product Safety Act of 2008,” which Congress hastily passed in response to reports of lead paint in children’s toys produced in China."




LibertyWeek Episode 22: It Sure Is Looking Christmasy

We take a look back at executive power in George Washington’s time and then forward to the financial bailout that’s turning into an unaccountable slush fund akin to Santa’s magic bag of toys. Next we talk about how we’re all going to survive the New Great Depression (hint: buy smaller Christmas trees), dispatches from The War on ChristmasTM, our handy last minute gift guide and a heart-warming tale of Christmas-themed Olympic News.