Cookin'up Some Political Chowder


From primaries, to mill closings, to gambling dreams, to landfills, to elections, to economic meltdowns...chowder had it all

All this and more, Sunday @ 11a.m.on Political Chowder


Political Chowder with host Arnie Arnesen

Tune in Sunday, December 28 from 11 to Noon EST on MyTV (WZMY-TV – Comcast 18 or Comcast 6 and Dish and DirecTV ). Political Chowder re-airs during the week on 40 public access stations, serving over 89 cities and towns across NH. Check local listings for times and dates. Chowder welcomes Lowell, Massachusetts to the PC Network.
The 12 months of Political Chowder...the story of a primary, an election, a state and a year of ups and downs.

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(all shows are archived)